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Humble Beginning

    As a traveling salesman for many years, logging tens of thousands of miles and hundreds of hours of    “windshield time” jerky became my companion and my go-to food. For most of those years I thought jerky was all the same. Whatever was on the end cap of a convenience store or gas station display rack I bought and munched as I traversed the Southeast.  The game changer came on a rainy Fall day in St. Augustine Florida. I was killing time between sales calls doing a little sightseeing and shopping when I wandered into a small shop that sold nothing but jerky. My first thought… How cool is that! My second thought, as a salesman, is how in the world can someone make a living selling jerky? This second thought was that game changer… You sure can if the jerky is that good.  Needless- to- say the jerky I bought that day was that good so my first  experience and taste of a well-made jerky was also my last experience with the convenience store/gas  station variety. So began my love of and obsession with finding and trying good jerky. Our obsession for finding the best jerky for our shop led us to producing the best jerky for our shop (and yours)."     


The Back Story


So now having discovered that well-made jerky existed on the planet the plot thickens. Soon I was no longer just looking for the best jerky for myself.  I now wanted to find it and share it was other people.  How I convinced my girl that this could be best accomplished by opening a jerky store remains a mystery to me, my friends and my family. Was I that good a salesman? Was it just that good of an idea? I like to think it was both and I will leave it at that.  So, with her mostly unwavering support, we opened a jerky store. Since 2013 I have  been obsessed with finding the best jerky to stock in our store. Let me tell you this about that! I have met  some princesses and I have kissed my share of frogs!  My obsession with finding the best jerky for the store  has introduced me to some really talented and passionate jerky makers and has also been a sobering reminder  that just because someone tells you they make the best jerky doesn’t make it is so…Say it with me… Buyer  Beware!  So now I have this store and I get to seek out the best jerky to sell in that store. Pretty cool job if I  do say so myself. You would think I would be content, right? I wish I could say that my obsession with the best  jerky was so easily satisfied. Yes I have indeed found some really really good jerky out there but not the best.  So, you guessed it, I am obsessed with making the best and so now the obsession continues…So now that you  know how it all started I encourage you to check us out. I say us because it really does “take a village”. I  have surrounded myself with other passionate and obsessive folks to provide the best meat, the best  ingredients and of course make the best jerky. So come on in sit down and chew awhile….  


Show Me The Beef


To make the best jerky we start with the best beef.  Our mission is to use only the best Carolina grass-  fed beef.  100% grass-fed, grass finished livestock. Environmentally sound, sustainably raised, high  quality, nutritious beef. Livestock that is humanely maintained on a grass-based system free of  pesticides, hormones and GMOs. We have chosen to work with family owned Carolina based farms dedicated  too and sharing this mission.

 The Secret Is  In The Sauce
 The second most important part of making the best jerky are the marinades and seasonings. The secret really is in the sauce. Our secret is not really a secret at all… Just use really good, really well made fresh ingredients. By seeking out local ingredients from passionate farmers, chefs and artisans we have formed strategic partnerships with other businesses who proudly want their natural and nutritious products and ingredients in our marinades.

 We produce our jerky locally. Our Carolina facilities are well-run USDA monitored and dedicated to our  mission of handcrafted jerky. Select cuts of whole muscle meat beef, hand cut, marinated and cooked in  small batches. The government is involved when you make jerky so that should let you know that if it  could be simple… it won’t be.   We won’t bore you with all of the details that go into making and  packaging jerky but are dedication to traditional, old fashioned jerky production has led us to a “keep  it local, keep it simple” approach. Our jerky is made fresh weekly and goes from “pasture to pouch”.  The  jerky is made by hand with local beef featuring local seasonings and literally goes from the farm to  you.  It does not get any fresher than that.

Keeping It Real (Local)

We could source the beef, the ingredients or the production from anywhere. And it would probably cost  less. Some do. We don’t. By keeping Greenville Jerky Company local we not only keep our mission real but  our jerky real… Our passion and dedication is shared in our local partnerships and that translates  into the best beef jerky. If we want our customers to buy local… shouldn’t we?  

Pasture To Pouch

About Our Jerky


"Our obsession for finding the best jerky for our shop led us to producing the best jerky for our shop (and yours)."

  • 100% Grass-fed Carolina Beef
  • Hand Crafted 
  • Small Batch  
  • All Natural  
  • ​Whole Muscle Meat
  • 100% Grass-fed Carolina Beef
  • Hand Crafted 
  • Small Batch  
  • All Natural  
  • ​Whole Muscle Meat


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